Thoughts, Weekend

Vinyls, Game of Thrones, & Not Left Off Bad And Boujee

I think updates are in order. It’s been about a month since I last posted my thoughts here. Not to worry, I have still been pushing my pen elsewhere. It was my pleasure to review Pretty Girls Like Trap Music for Off Tha Record earlier this month. I also as of last night dropped a first listen review to Vic Mensa’s Debut, ‘The Autobiography’. This review over at is where I will frequently be covering music among other things. I started the BlackGradLife to give myself a voice on topics that I didn’t feel were accurately broadcasted elsewhere. While I will continue to use this platform as a place to speak my opinion on all things black culture, the black experience, and life after college, I will also be working hard to get my work published on other avenues. Which at the end of the day was my main goal when I started all of this last Decmber.

I got the chance to spend the first couple of weeks of this month back at home in Georgia. Being able to go home is always amazing for recharging your energy. It is reassuring to see familiar faces and familiar buildings still holding up. It is what inspires me to keep going.

Not much has changed since you last heard from me. I’m still playing vinyls in my apartment, obsessing over Game of Thrones, and not getting left off bad and boujee. I guess I’m just working harder at zeroing in on my skills. I’m taking much longer to edit, I’m pitching and working with editors, and I’m not aspiring for anything. I am in the act of doing and being, life is to short to aspire. I guess I’m just getting better at keeping promises to myself. Which at 24 is more than I could have hoped for. Six months ago I didn’t think I would be getting paid to write my thoughts. So not only do I want to keep promises to myself, I want to keep a promise to my blog as well as my readers. A promise that I won’t quit pursuing what makes me happy. I think alot of times we as people get discouraged from hearing so many no’s that we forget that all it takes is one yes.

Currently it is raining for probably the 100th straight day in Florida. Pyramids by Frank Ocean is blaring from my bedroom. I opted to write from the couch today. Besides the lights from the tv and over my stove, my apartment is completely dark. My thoughts are scattered between ordering delivery from Texas Roadhouse later, what Diddy’s set is going to consist of on OVOSound radio tonight, and at exactly what minute is this thunderstorm going to knock out my power. I’m just thankful for the smallest things these days. Like how I don’t have any adult responsibilities today. Like the laugh I’ll have when my mother calls me tomorrow to complain about my father not cleaning up after Sunday dinner. Anyways, it will always be the black experience, music, and life after college here at Black Grad Life.

Yours Truly,



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