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5 Hints it’s Time to Move on From Your First Job

So you’re ready to move on from your first big boy/girl job? I’m proud of you for getting to this point, trust it didn’t come easy for me either. With a couple months to spare until I reach my one year anniversary at my first gig after college, I can’t help but feel this urge to spread my wings. I’m in the mood for a new scene, new friends, and most importantly, new bars. While not many of us were lucky enough to land that bombshell job that we started planning for halfway through Junior year, there is still hope in this post-grad voyage if you don’t get lazy and pay attention to detail. I’m gonna break down what I have noticed to be the Top 5 Hints it’s Time to Move on From Your First Job:

  1. You Hate What You’re Doing. 3o6Zt96dVw8unv0JvW.gif

    Let’s face it, this wasn’t what you thought it was going to be. It was cool the first few months, but then your body realized this was a permanent thing, and just rolling over like you did for that 8AM doesn’t work anymore. This gig at the end of the day isn’t even really what you want to do. You can’t see yourself doing this the next year let alone the next twenty. Maybe it’s not even in your field of study that you got your degree in? Maybe that’s a good thing, but if it is a bad thing for you then you need to be gearing up to move on ASAP. This job is also just down right tedious, an hour feels like four, and you don’t know if you’re going to make it to lunch when that coffee buzz kicks in at 10AM.

  2. You’re Overqualified. 26ufbRAPD31bstnig.gif

    Know yourself, know your worth. If the check isn’t matching what you expect it to for your qualifications, then it should be pretty self explanatory that you need to get a move on. Sure, you had to secure the bag before their president got into office, but you are worthy of so much more than this. A check is never worth a headache, especially if it’s gone the second you get it. Can you save, pay bills, and have some fun? If these criteria are important to you, which they should be, then I’m happy to say you’ve reached that point which we all have to get to shortly after graduation: Knowing when it is time to move on.

  3. You Hate Your Scenery. l0MYF2gsC3xKUrJ6M.gif

    It’s time for a new flower pot eh? You’ve outgrown that little pot of a town huh, same here. Or maybe you relocated to a new place thinking it was going to be the shit and it isn’t. This hint is pretty sensitive, because you don’t want to make the mistake of leaving your first job after college too early. Life is short, and you want to utilize every moment to be doing something that you actually enjoy, but busting out of a job too quick could turn off your future employers. But don’t let this small slight deter you, every person is different and you’ll know for sure when you are ready to change locations. You might even be ready to embrace new relationships, all of which comes with getting to that new place, that new chapter in your journey.

  4. Your Co-workers suck. FuvAuMnNkfUvS.gif

    Absolutely nothing makes your job suck more than having whack co-workers. Bad co-workers come in a vareity of different shapes and sizes. The rude ones who throw you under the bus, the sneaky ones who swipe at your lunch in the fridge, or the ones who feel necessary to point out all your flaws in an e-mail that they CC everyone on. Now while having co-workers may be new to you post grad, its not the weird personalities that you have to interact with on a day to day, but having co-workers is like being in a group project…forever. Think back to that one group project you had in school where you literally hated all the members. Now think of having all of those members as co-workers, for 40+ hours a week. Cue the sunken place, because that is literally how it can feel when the co-workers are legit that bad.

  5. You Settled TBH. tgzr4PF8n14Eo.gif

    To be honest you settled on this first job. You didn’t gamble, you didn’t put yourself out there, you wanted security. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones who got hired before even walking across that stage for your degree holder. Remember that shit eating grin you had at grad bash when people would bring up plans after college, knowing that you were already set? Let’s be honest, you took the job because it sounded good on paper and it secured you a steady income. You wanted to be paid, and you wanted that financial independence from mom and dad over anything else. “Finding Yourself” after college just wasn’t an option. And neither was moving back in to the security blanket that is your childhood bedroom. I don’t understand how anyone can afford to find themselves after college everytime I look at my student loan tab. But it is important to find yourself daily, and even in this crazy journey of life after college I’ve learned to really put some importance in this somewhat forgotten art. Because I’ve learned that sometimes when you are lost, it can take a long time for others, for yourself to find you. Remember that you are impossible to lose once you’ve been found.

Yours Truly,



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