Thoughts, Weekend

I was the one who shouted “No New Friends” the loudest, but now I welcome strangers.

It has almost been a year since I made my departure from college to the savage streets of adult life. Amidst living alone and learning to manage my money, I took a look at the state of my friendships post grad. I realized that it is pretty hard to keep up with people period, but even harder when you have real life obligations you have to fulfill day to day. Suddenly, people who I used to talk to every week, I wouldn’t trade words with for months. College is a point in your life where you are constantly meeting temporary people, people who won’t matter a year or 6 months after graduation. I had always read about this theory, but it all became reality after hanging up my cap and gown in the dark corner of my closet. I realized that so many people, friends, were just in your life because they had to be at that moment. You all had that same class, or were out at that same bar, or were in that same fraternity. But in the end, once those mandatory meetings ceased to exist and people moved on with their lives, well so did those friendships. There is an end to every friendship which is bittersweet, but what started me to thinking was wondering when I would taste bitter. Maybe you can contribute it to living alone, and being obsessed with my own space and my own thoughts, but I stopped caring when things ended. After graduating, I found beauty in the end in every sense of the word. The end to me now meant new beginnings. The end to me before meant sadness. So, I started to wonder why I no longer felt remorse for getting to the end of a friendship. I was the one who shouted “No New Friends” the loudest, but now I welcome strangers. I think that when you grow up, new perspectives are always needed. Which is what I am now welcoming. I have garnered no new friends over the last year, but I have lost a ton. I believe this is preparing me for a rebirth of new ideas, new perspectives, and new memories. I may be in the 2% of people who never want to look back at college as being the greatest four five years of my life. There is so much I am still learning about myself, that there is no way I could ever look back and categorize this time as the “best years of my life”. But almost a year out of this chapter ending, I’m still waiting to taste bitter. I don’t think there is any love lost, only gained. I look forward to seeing people who lost my opinion, my guidance, my likeness still eating. Even though I will not be sitting at the table with them. I am very much so just thankful for those who I haven’t met an end with yet and looking forward to sharing new ideas with fresh personalities. I’m comfortable with meeting the end. I remember that all good things must end before your new beginning. Here’s to new beginnings, brand new vinyls, and champagne pops.

Yours Truly,




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