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5 Ways to Unlock Strength During Spring Break Withdrawals

So if you are like any other recent graduate in America right now, you may be dealing with some massive FOMO. For those of us who still have friends attending colleges and universities in Florida, we are all well aware that March is basically a big block of Spring Break Debauchery. The twenty-somethings who aren’t living under a rock will be haunted by spring break posts in almost every corner of social media that they should choose to trek to. Pile that on top of an aggressive work week at the office, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster that only a dark room, ambient music, and a shitty Netflix marathon can fix. Luckily for you guys, I will present to you 5 ways to unlock your true strength while handing your spring break withdrawals.

  1. Proper Music Selection. giphyNow if you are like me and are lucky enough to be able to bump music in your workplace, this is a major key. Music not only boosts your productivity but once you get to stringing together albums and playlists, the hours of the day melt away pretty quickly. I would recommend my Future playlist I created with my favorites from his last two albums which I will link here Issa Playlist. Even if you can’t listen to music while you work the playlists on the ride to and from work are key as well. I can’t tell you how many times this past week I’ve gotten into my car feeling bitter that I wasn’t waking up on a cruise ship. After a couple plays of Pull Up With Ah Stick, I’m ready to let it hit at the workplace. BOOM, spring break scaries defeated. This also goes on to mention that your shower playlist needs to be on point during this spring break debauchery. While showers clean us, relax us, and help relieve stress, the tunes we pair with it will help to battle off those stupid thoughts you got while watching Toya nurse that same rum bucket the whole day on somebody’s beach.
  2. Mid Week Happy Hour. tenorKinda mad at myself that I didn’t take my own advice on this. Whilst every hour is happy hour when I’m alone at my apartment, nothing beats just getting up and actually being in a bar environment. Especially during the week, because most of the times that is when their specials are the most proper. There’s also just the gamble of going out to a bar in the middle of the week that you have to deal with. What’s the crowd going to be like? But, if you are unlike me and can get over that hump or have people to go with I would definitely 10/10 recommend pursuing it. Some of my greatest stories from this little town start with “So we were at happy hour”.
  3. Shorten Your Social Media Stint. post-31321-hes-wired-in-gif-The-Social-Ne-y2MQSeriously I think this should go without saying. Or even a social media cleanup may be necessary. You don’t need to see Tommy on his 9th spring break ripping beer bongs like it is nobody’s business. You can’t get FOMO if you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Cue the forehead point meme guy. If you are one of those people who is constantly connected, this step will prove to be very hard for you. But honestly, we could all use a little break from social media here and there. It can get very overwhelming between Donald Trump’s tweets and the omnipresent reminder that you never have a spring break to look forward to again. So take a break, go to the gym, do good, and try the social media thing again in April.
  4. Watch/Read Good Content. tumblr_oko4bkEF2z1s78x4wo2_400Another way to forget about all the spring break you’re missing out on is to dive into your favorite series and books. Using that hour before you go to bed to get it cracking on that book you’ve been meaning to read is better than scrolling through Instagram anyway. If you’re anything like me you are waiting for Rihanna to make her appearance on the final season of Bates Motel. After passing out behind Monday’s Rihanna-less episode, I didn’t get a reminder of Spring Break until the close of work Tuesday. I say all of this to say it doesn’t just have to be books or tv shows to get your spring break amnesia going. Whatever relaxes you can help as well, whether that be going for a jog or taking a few extra minutes to call and check on your grandma.
  5. Take PTO.


If all else fails and you are just too weak to go on take some time off if you can. You’ve gotta use that time anyway right? If you’re a nice person unlike me you won’t leave your team in shambles. But hey, who says you are too old to go drink for drink with the 21-year-olds? You’re still pretty young anyway, and who needs time off at Christmas? If you do choose this route just remember that you can’t just roll over when that alarm clock comes Monday like you used to do for that 8 AM Physics lab. If you are strong enough to take about the pros and cons that come with this choice then go ahead. Just make sure you have ample stories to go around when you get back. And don’t be the 24 year old still running the beer pong table. I hear they hate that dude..yikes.

Yours Truly,



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