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Watch Out For Your Remy Ma Friends

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, then you will have known that former inmate Remy Ma has taken it upon herself to throw a couple jabs in the form of diss songs at the current self proclaimed Rap Queen: Nicki Minaj. For the sport of Hip-Hop, black twitter has cheered from the sideline in the midst of this, some showing loyalty to either side and others on the fence about it.

Now, while rap beef always draws the attention of Hip-Hop fans far and wide eager to see the best bars on display. Today’s world doesn’t quite compete when it came to the beefs of yesteryear. There were times where rap beefs lead to the falling of empires, demise of careers, and death. Which makes me question where the excitement for such events came from, especially amongst the black community. I think that deep down it all stems from the point that people love to cheer for the underdog, until of course the underdog actually starts winning. Once that underdog strings together a combination of wins where they are no longer the underdog, the community searches heavily for a new contender, a new winner. They hate to see you winning for too long.

I’m always up for a good rap beef. Especially when responses are original and produced in a timely manner. But today with social media and the belief that jokes are greater than facts, people often fly off the handle hyping things that are sometimes very untrue.

Remy Ma strung together punchlines in her Shether diss that as the week went along a running tally of her claims were deemed false. When no response came back, she went on to praise the song’s chart ranking, which came days after her acknowledging the fact that sales don’t matter. After having to continuously see Minaj on her Instagram feed partying with models and sitting front row at some of the top shows during Paris fashion week she went on to put out another track: Another One. This subpar track with a low budget beat was a complete rip of Drake’s Back To Back from the first word Remy uttered. In my opinion this deadened a lot of the momentum that Remy had moving forward with Shether. Not only was the diss unoriginal, it sucked. After being handed out L’s by the majority of black twitter, who had just a short few nights ago praised her for her performance on Shether, she grew angry. Even resorting to posting a risqué old photo of Minaj to gain control of the situation.

If you had never heard anything about this and are puzzled, trust me I was too. This quick change of emotion came from a woman, who on every radio show interview she’s done in the past year, when asked about Minaj has had nothing but nice things to say. Phrases like “She’s never done nothing to me” and “She’s supposed to say she’s the Queen” were now being replaced with phrases like “She’s doing things behind the scenes” and “She’s trying to keep me from getting a bag”. All of this of course for the general audience will lead to unanswered questions that unfortunately will stay unanswered for a long while.

So where does this leave us? Well Hip-Hop fans around the world all agree that Minaj must respond to this formidable opponent even though Another One was garbage. Some fans state that Minaj shouldn’t even worry about it because Remy is trying to gain clout off of her name and the situation. I think that Minaj will respond. The difference however will be that Minaj will string together a combination of tracks and subliminals that will outline a Platinum Album.

What can we learn from this? Watch out for your Remy Ma friends. There will be friends who are always silently competing with you. They may not clap when you win, but they are there when you might happen to slip up. These Remy Ma friends will also claim to support you, but honestly they have been hating the whole time and really are just plotting on your down fall. There is nothing you can do to avoid these friends. They will seep into your circle here and there especially at a young age. Just know that what’s meant for you will always be for you and that God never said the weapons wouldn’t form just that they wouldn’t prosper.

Yours Truly,



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