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My title is solely named after the fourth drink in my flight at the brewery. No Game of Thrones spoilers here for those who may be brought here by the shameless tag that I will plug on WordPress. I’m really just trying to figure out why I am feeling this alcohol the way that I am. For those that know the Florida me, I was able to hit my favorite brunch spot ever Backwater today. And after slamming a carafe or two and having the best limp bacon to date I felt like it was better to write now while I have the power to do so.

February, a month that is heralded as Black History Month. Something that I celebrate down to the second every day. Trust me I will tell your grandma on the street how a black man created the stop light. I have also never been in a wreck, but if the time ever does come I plan on using this same fact to my advantage with Geico. I feel like everyone owes us checks. But anyways, February has been good to me. Just as a side note, this r in February is tripping me the fuck out right now. I have been able to link up with four of my day 1’s in one month. And for that I am forever thankful. I don’t know but its something about getting drunk with people who were on your Myspace Top 8 that screams vintage. I love this, because I try to get as much of a vintage aesthetic as possible in multiple crossings of this journey. For any thirty somethings that may be reading this post I am sorry, please look away, but this is strictly for my young twenty somethings. Think about your myspace top 8 right now, and if you can accurately check all of them off the list for getting fucked up with I will applaud you because it has been a task.

One of my reasons for creating this space, was for me to be able to basically communicate whatever I wanted to communicate in a public documented sense. So, I recently started working on a pilot script for the American Black Film Festival which I am very excited about. I’m not the one to ever really talk about anything I’m plotting, but for me I just felt like this is something I want documented. I plan on incorporating my writings in future blogs, so to just get it out there here is me speaking on it.

As I sit here in a dimly lit room, with the light sounds of Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number spraying in the background, I wonder how 22 year old Joe ever successfully drank from noon to 2 am. After a few mimosas, a flight of beers, and a shimmering glass of wine I am wondering where nap time is. Is that lame? I think that I should have trophies for how easy it was for me to pop bottles of champagne into cheap beers into a sea of well liquor. I start bobbing my head in a cocky manor as I list out my drunken accolades.

As I dust off my shoulders, I think about the 3 boot and rally’s that I was able to produce from an old friend. I pride myself in being able to turn it up when it is most definitely needed.

But I think I am mostly just serving this post as a means to let everyone know to always go with what you believe in. I am going to work on my script and listen to a couple records. If we’re in the same city, mention this post and its shots on me. Y’all know how the kidd get down.

Yours Truly,





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