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I was hoping to find the Bruno Mars album that I had hidden behind 6 copies of Adele’s 25 on my last visit

As I slosh back onto my sofa and get comfortably wrapped up in my blanket, I pull my Mac closer all the while organizing my thoughts for this post. I discard my computer to the other side of the sofa to get up and close the dust cover on my record player. My big gray blanket shadows me as I sit back on my throne. The new record for this weekend is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I fold the screen of my computer inward to take a look at the over the top vinyl packaging Ye put together for this album. It is my first set to include 3 LPs which I guess is pretty interesting.

Today or this weekend I should say is finally pretty chill for me. If you’ve been following my last two posts or have taken a peek into the inebriated eyes of my snapchat you will know it has been pretty lit. And being the closeted introvert that I am it was very much so time for me to get my fix. As I look up to see Romeo Must Die playing on my TV for the second time in two days I realize that it is time for me to switch LP’s as side A&B of the first are over.

Today was all about errands for me. Wanted to take my white bomber to the cleaners as right now it looks like all I did that night was two step and hit the Fabo.


Just for anyone who didn’t get the Fabo reference. But anyways, I was late to the cleaners per usual so that will have to wait until Monday. I figured I would hit the mall and sell my cracked iPhone 6 since Verizon basically told me I played myself thinking they’d give me a coin for it back in November. $75 dollars was all I was able to get for it, but I kept it trucking. This money was gonna equate to me buying a new record I thought. After swinging by Auntie Anne’s for some cinnamon sugar nuggets I stomped towards FYE. In all honesty I was hoping to find the Bruno Mars album that I had hidden behind 6 copies of Adele’s 25 on my last visit. Of course some imbecile had since rearranged my creation and it was nowhere to be found. Luckily after scanning the records for about half an hour and brushing past countless copies of Late Registration and College Dropout, I saw the only copy of MBDTF. I figured this is what I should leave the store with as I had planned a purchase of it a while back but of course ended up taking it out of my cart. All was well in my record hunt today as I write this over Devil In a New Dress which is arguably Rick Ross’s deepest cut in my opinion.

I forgot to mention how there’s a Donald Trump rally in town today. All of which is weird to me seeing that the campaign trail is over. But whatever it is, while sitting in traffic I realized that God put me at this very moment so that I could roll my windows down and blast FDT as loud as possible. So that I did, twice. The first time was much more exciting as I aroused a bunch of “Women for Trump” supporters and also given the finger from some man in his mid 40’s resembling Dylan Roof.

Other than that excitement the rest of my Saturday has been as bland as I wanted. Got a much needed car wash and did my least favorite adult errand: Grocery shopping. I remember the days going to the store with my mom and loving the thrill of throwing shit I wanted into the cart. I always vowed that when I was old enough the cart would consist of nothing but orange gatorade, dinosaur shaped nuggets, and chips a hoy. Now while I no longer have the fear of remembering whether or not I remembered to defrost the chicken as I hear the garage door start to creak open, I now have to worry about having things that agree with all the new found cracks of different bones that I’m experiencing as I navigate through my 20’s.

Well I’m gonna listen to the last side of the last LP of MBDTF and then turn on OVO sound radio so I can hear Oliver tell me how More Life is just a myth.

Yours Truly,




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