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I have never written off my iPhone. 

I have never written off of my iPhone. But imma talk my shit tonight. I was supposed to be chilling this weekend but I’m out. I’m supposed to be on my couch watching This Is Us. But you know what, ain’t shit I can do as we bump over the hardest rail road that I’ve experienced from a back seat. I’m actually shocked that I had visitors at my apartment. As I let the backseat window down of one of my brother’s Jetta to make sure I am at the center of Drake’s first verse on Sneakin. If you know me I’m very centered. Centered and mastered on making sure that I have my own space and my own shine at all times. A buzz is what I am occupying. After a day where I saw off an unfamiliar girl that I know as being the giver of dirty spoons at Cold Stone. I pause and look out the window as Drake taps in on how he’s young but making millions to work the night shift. In editing I erase a drake lyric because it doesn’t sound right and I am not sure if I actually heard it or it is the buzz talking. I’m wondering if I’ll have enough battery to Snapchat the night. I remember that this is so unlike me anymore. “It’s over it’s over I’m leaving I’m gone.” A spit from this guy that I know is accurate. A guy who has been some what like a soundtrack to my whole college experience. I rub my head. I’m settled now in a room with nothing illuminating but the hallway light of my buddy’s walkway. Of course I’m connected to the Bluetooth. I push Tuscan Leather to the speakers. As the sounds start to fill the room I look up. I scratch my brow a bit and try to remember where I was the first time I heard this intro. My eyes close. I think about my junior year of college. My first college house. An ex roommate of mine who is actually occupying my buds at this point turns on a light. I’m fine I utter. The darkness consumes me. I wonder if it’s just me who feels this music like this. I wonder if I’m just drunk. Another bud of mine walks into his home. Gone from flying planes and shit. I snap back to reality and get up to greet a friend of mine. An awkward greeting that comes with knowing someone. It’s not really knowing someone. It makes me wonder my greetings. Anyways I get back to the living room and start Tuscan leather back from the top. Drake talks about how he and Nicki weren’t talking etc. I think about how I was ready to cut Tia off. Then I think about how we patched things up and how I’m nothing without some of these friends who turned family. I shed a tear while I’m deep in Apple Music. I think about how raw this post was between my thumbs. And how I’m giving you guys the raw from between my two ears. “You feeling yourself Joe”. I hear from one of my best friends as he peers out from his room in all black with nothing but the orange letters REVENGE blaring from his chest. 305 to my city shuffles to the center of the room. I look up to the clock wondering when am I gonna end this post because I feel like I’m giving too much of an invite into my thoughts. I thought to change that to incite but an invite as well. I feel like I read on my horoscope about some type of moon or planet interfering with me. Currently I’m thinking about how I put my Take Care vinyl on for my friends. Specifically because I stuttered on taking the needle off my record. If I scratched it I’ll be on suicide watch. Let me know how you guys feel about the Friday to Saturday content. I’m not trying to make it a regular thing. As you know Saturday’s are my shit. I’m always down to play with the pen though. Imma go though, commented on a family members Facebook post and now I’m getting spammed so imma deal with that. 

Yours truly,



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