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Just cause you caught us in the Super Bowl don’t mean you’ll cash us ousside

With nothing illuminating the room but the purple lights behind my TV, I start to recollect on my crazy trip to Atlanta that caused me to miss a weekly post for the first time since starting black grad life. I take a sip from my Yeti cup and press the lock button on my iPhone. The featured image of this blog pops up on my lock screen. I snicker and then then think about 31 unanswered points. I figured since I’m hitting you guys with two posts back to back like Jordan ’96 & ’97 that I’d better get the ATL shenanigans out of the way first. So here we go, I’m going to try my best to recap Last Friday-Monday. Just as a precaution, a lot of the details are still a bit hazy and the story may be altered to fill in the gaps but here we go….

Friday: February 3rd.

I got into a brisk Atlanta around 5 Friday evening. After a little bit of a hustle and bustle and waiting for my friend to pick me up, we finally made it to a restaurant downtown for dinner. Here is where my first mistake of the night came…I had a couple shrimp skewers. BRUH. That was dinner for me. After Teddy hopped off her bus (lol), we finished up with the little snack and headed to get prepared for a Pregame. Mistake No.2…who still pregames? Getting fucked up before going out for me nowadays just means that a blackout is on the horizon. Anyways..we ended up getting a bottle of Captain for this little pregame situation. It starts out quaint. No one is drunk..or drinking really. But at some point everyone settles in to themselves after the period of “Who are these friends you’re introducing me to” fades. These were friends of Amber’s throwing the pregame and the feng shui of the place was solid as well as the selection of liquor. Fast forward to mistake no. 3 we finished the bottle of captain at the pregame. WE meaning mostly me. And let me tell you, I had all the drinking card games so I made sure everyone had that same energy as me going to the bars. So fast forward to going out… this is where it gets hazy. So we were at this bar and I’m not sure who I thought I was but I was drinking grey goose and red bull all night. Mistake no. 4…I mixed brown and clear. JESUSSSSSS. So..idk when it hit me or what I did, but you know your boy had to boot & rally. For all you peasants who aren’t aware of the term, it is when you have to throw up due to drinking, but you don’t let throwing up stop you. You regroup and you get right back at it.


Exactly. Except I don’t got no chill. So anyways the bartenders were up in that bathroom after me like I’m some sort of mass communications sophomore who doesn’t know how to aim for the toilet. They cut me off. So I had to move…with the crew….away from you….to another bar. This is where I don’t remember anything honestly. There were couches and a lot of dancing and a lot of people. I also feel like everyone was trying to fight me this night. But nobody else in the crew recollects it so it’s probably just the Scorpio in me talking. Anyways the night wrapped up at Waffle House and it wouldn’t be Atlanta if it didn’t end there. I’m sad because there is a Waffle House in Atlanta from my visit Summer 2015 that I have Touchtunes credits on. Salty. Score: 9/10

Saturday: February 4th.

We woke up mad early this day. Actually we woke up mad early every day. I’m used to going on trips with friends and having to blast my bluetooth speaker to get everyone in line so festivities can begin so this was a nice change up. Saturday started off at Top Golf which I wasn’t mad about at all. Place is mad dope, and I schooled the crew in the second game, but no one will ever know it because Amber deleted the results due to her saltiness. Not that much to say about this morning. Well everyone was recollecting on all the funny shit I did the night before, typical for me. Weak mimosas at Top Golf as well 2/10 don’t recommend. After a couple rounds we ended up heading to some game bar. Lots of board games and stuff, IDK, they had these old pictures on their menus from their opening. Looked like white supremacy to me so I made sure not to spend much money in there. After a couple margaritas I was ready to go. We ended up leaving there and now it was time for some much needed re-cap time. It was time to recharge, everyone was running low from Friday. But night fall was quickly approaching and we all know I come alive in the fallnight time. A nap was not in the equation for me. It never is. I’d love to be one of those people who can day drink and then nap and everything be Gucci for the night. But no, those people are quitters. You sleep and you lose all your fun, buzz, and pep for the night. You might as well call it a night when you get to this point. Lucky for me I had options. One of my day 1’s going on 10 years also lives in Atlanta. Honestly if I lived in a city with all my best friends I would no longer have a liver or money ever. So it was now time for some dinner. This was going to act as my nap. My guy likes to think he’s some sort of food connoisseur so he just had to pick the spot. Ends up taking me to a Korean Taco spot. I was skeptical at first because taco screams Mexican and we all know Mexican is trash but I rolled with it. I know he’s gonna read this and I just want to remind AJ that the shrimp tacos were littier than the others and the special sauce is a white sauce rip-off. It was good to sit down and discuss life with a brother. Very important and very necessary. Fast forwarding to later, we get back to Amber’s apartment and of course her nap has drained her all the way like I knew it would. Whatever, the rest of us were ready to pregame, well I should say they were. Guess what happened? Another bottle of captain. And was it finished? Hell yeah. This night we ended up on Peters Street and the snapchats were mad lit but the bar didn’t have grey goose and they had surcharges. Nigga bye. This night ended with me giving $20 dollars to a bum and getting prayed over. No questions please. I did what I did. Score: 6/10 and the tacos got 4 of them points.

Sunday: Apocalypse

This was the most lit day of the trip I think. Finally got to make my way to Little Five Points so I was gonna be hype regardless. We started the day at Corner Tavern and paid $13.50 for bottomless mimosas. We had so many carafes of mimosas that I lost count, but I know it was lit. We had to escort Amber out of the bar and Teddy drove later apparently. So we have this Fiona from Shameless doppelganger serving us. I made sure to tell her that she looked like Fiona for like 3 hours. I had the best spicy cheese grits at this spot. It always humbles me to come back to the south and get spicy food. Florida don’t know shit about spicy so I be shook. Anyways after Amber tapped out Teddy and I ended up befriending a majestic looking girl who ended up being a DJ. We talked about my new found love for Vinyls and everything from classics to record cleaning. She put me on to a record store in the neighborhood that I just had to pluck around. Mind you I’m drunk as fuck at this point. I made some dope vinyl purchases and I wish I could remember a little bit more about the trip but wow…legit record stores are a gem. I ended up leaving the store with a few classics in my opinion. My takeaway from that day would be is that my classic may not be your classic and thats okay. The rest of Sunday was hell. Ended up at a super bowl party at the same place we pregamed Friday, and while it was all shits and giggles for the first few quarters, all hell broke loose. Not to mention I passed out somewhere between Gaga performing a Beyonce-less Telephone and Poker Face. I woke up to a dismay that our fucking lead was slipping away. I was sick to see that there would be no lituation to follow. Score: 8.25 and the .25 is for the 25 point lead we had. But anyways fuck the pats and anyone who love em.

It was so gloomy riding to the airport Monday morning. Like the energy had completely been evaporated from the city. Getting back to Florida was something that I did not want to do, but money has to be made. After spending that shit all weekend, it was time to get it right back. More time for family and friends all 2017. I stand by that and I’m definitely getting the trips going heavy this year. To the city of Atlanta I love you. To Amber, Teddy, AJ, Kesha, and all the new friends this weekend when am I coming back?

Just cause you caught us in the Super Bowl don’t mean you’ll cash us ousside. How bow dah?

Yours Truly,





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