I’m not surprised about what is happening in this country. I haven’t been shocked by what happens here in a very long time. I never turn on the news and say wow anymore. When did it become second nature to see another soul lost, or another creed of people blantantly disrespected? I’ve lost the ability to grasp commotion.

I’m praying for solidarity. Working with people who elected this official is not easy for me to grasp. There are people, friends even who ignored the facts to keep their privilege in tact. I’ve never been blessed with the option to not see color. I’ve never been blessed with the option to ignore things as they didn’t affect me. I’ve never been blessed with the option to be ignorant.

I am constantly at a loss for words.

I don’t have much to say, but I appreciate Black Grad Life for being a vessel for me to cultivate my ideas. A way for me to clear my mind when I’m feeling burdened. A friend that auto saves my vent sessions. I won’t hold you any longer, but I’ll leave you with a piece from me. Until Next Time.

You don’t see color

As they turn them away from the only homes they’ve known

You go blind and get ready to troll

As they fall to their knees and feel it to their bones

You debate politics and deny your role

You don’t see color 

As they cry for equality and love from you

You look for excuses and point to reports

As they see the racism and shout with a boo

You get excited for someone to deport

You don’t see color

As they plead that this is the land of the free

You tell them that lives matter, specifically all

As they struggle to live in this world with glee

You clap and cheer at the thoughts of a wall

You don’t see color

As they explain to you that this country is a melting pot

You build pipelines and ignore the needs in Flint

As they hustle to be the best just to get one spot

You ignore the sinking ship as it doesn’t affect your descent

You don’t see color.

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