The Pregame.

So last week I promised a short something. My word is bond so below I bring you the intro to “The Pregame”, a twisted story that I came up with. The story follows a drunken owner of a bar who himself as well as his employees take part in killings after hours. I hope you enjoy, and please send me some feedback on whether or not you guys want more. Today was the Women’s March across the nation. I have loved seeing all of the solidarity across social media platforms today. But, looking at the statistics 1 out of every 2 white women submitted a ballot for Trump this past November. I find it weird that today they can play solidarity when they weren’t there when we needed them on election day. The future of this country was in their hands if they had just shown up for what is right. It is not up to us to reach out to the majority to help them unlearn the horrible ways and thinking of the past. It is up to them to reach out to their parents, sorority sisters, cousins, whoever on forward thinking and how they can help moving forward and repair damage that has been done. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. But anyways…I just had to say my peace about it.

The Pregame.

Buzz Buzz…..buzz….BUZZ….BUZZ. Jet sloppily knocked his phone off of the night stand. It hit the floor with a small thud. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and scurried to pick up the half empty bottle of Jack Daniels. He sat it down and picked up his disturbed phone. The keg is tapped – Rose. Jet quickly hopped up and put two legs into his jeans that had been discarded half way across the room. He grabbed a black long sleeve shirt from his closet and started out the door. Halfway out the door, Jet leaned back in to stare at himself in the mirror. His eyes were as dark as midnight, and he looked like he had not seen sleep in days. He smacked himself on the face a few times and proceeded to the car. Jet was headed to his bar. He sat at the red light on the corner of 9th & Long and looked over to the bright sign, it read The Pregame. Jet parked his car near the back and proceeded around front to the entrance. “Looking like yesterday’s milk boss.” Lucas, the bouncer joked from a dark corner. “To you Lucas, to you. Did Rose get the keg situated?” Jet shot back swiftly. “Haven’t heard a word sir, she’s in the back room.” Lucas answered with uncertainty. Jet quickly shot through the doors of the bar and glanced around. A group of college kids taking shots at the bar took a minute to acknowledge his appearance. A couple arguing in the back corner took a break to get a glimpse of who had just entered. Many eyes glanced over from the dance floor. The bartenders themselves slowed down a bit in preparation of their drinks. Jet slid through The Pregame with presence and up to the side of the bar. “Dean, is the keg still tapped?” Jet questioned his lead bartender. “Haven’t heard a word sir.” Dean shot strictly. Jet smiled and went behind the bar to grab a corona. He slowly exited to the kitchen and made sure the door shut behind him. The kitchen crew halted what they were doing as they acknowledged their boss. Jet nodded and threw up a strong fist for a hello. He went off into his side office and shut the door. After checking the room for cameras of any kind or any potential eyes, he walked over to the far wall and knocked three times. Jet then led with his shoulder to reveal a compartment door in the wall. He walked through and shut it after all was clear and proceeded down the steps. “Why is this taking so long…where the fuck is he…I’m sick of” Rose mumbled as she was interrupted. “So the keg is still tapped.” Jet laughed. Rose shot him a look that could kill. “JET, I’ve been in here panicking for almost two hours where have you been?” Rose cried while tying a knot in a black garbage bag. “I had prior engagements, furthermore it is 12:30, why is there still a party upstairs?” Jet questioned. “Well it is a bar Jet!” Rose exclaimed while getting on her knees to get the garbage together. “It’s The Pregame, we pride ourselves on being closed by Midnight to deal with….keg mishaps.” Jet circled the room. “Well why is it always on me to deal with the keg mishaps? I don’t know if I can continue to do this.” Rose struggled. She hoisted the bag up on to the metal counter top. Jet laughed. “I told you Rose you always handle the keg because you’re the only one who knows how I like my kegs.” Rose let off a half ass smirk. A couple of creaks came from up the steps. Jet slid up them slowly to make sure they weren’t being eavesdropped on. He came back down abruptly. “We gotta wrap this up and get all of these folks out of the bar.” “Show her to me.” Jet demanded. A look of panic grimaced over Rose’s pale face. She struggled to get the knot out of the garbage bag that she had so intricately constructed. “Oh what the hell.” Jet shot. He strolled over to the bag while simultaneously whipping out a pocket knife from his back pocket. Jet made a small incision into the bag and ripped it open. “Guess you really had fun with this one.” Jet smiled. He went underneath the counter to grab a pair of gloves. After throwing them on he rummaged through the garbage bag. With one full swoop he abstracted a head from a huge black bag of human body limbs. Jet looked over his shoulder with a smirk, “That’s her alright and where is her badge? Gun…squad car?” “No…umm no squad car caught her on foot patrol.” Rose said softly. She reached into her back pocket and threw an Avenue County police badge onto the counter top. “The gun is in the river.” Rose said with punctuality. Jet nodded with approval and then turned back to look at the head he had just pulled out of the bag. “Morgan Brooks….You know Rose, she shot 3 civilians last year…killed 2.” Jet spoke coldly. Rose glanced down at her shoes. “Get rid of her.” He demanded. “But..Jet, I thought..” Rose started. “Nah you know what, we’ll get the new shits to help you, follow me.” Jet started. “But what about all of this?” Rose wondered. “Leave all this shit right here, if anyone happens upon it, it’s their problem.” Jet chuckled. The two climbed the stairs back into Jet’s side office. They both cleaned up a bit before heading into the kitchen. “Wrap everything up in here Jefe, it’s way past closing time.” Jet interjected. His main chef Patrick nodded in agreeance. “Rose, make sure the kitchen crew gets outta here alright.” He said as he entered the bar. He looked around as most of the people had cleared out. “Sir, I tried to get everyone out by midnight, but Rose was gone and she said not to bother you so I..” Dean pleaded. Jet smiled as he walked over to remaining patrons asking them to exit the bar. As people exited Jet started to lock the doors. “Lucas get your big ass in here.” Jet shot as he waited for Lucas to scurry through the doors. Lucas and Jet finished locking the place up. Lucas started to tidy the bar a little before Jet started. “Can everyone hear me okay?” Jet spoke firmly. Nods from the bartenders and Lucas all came simultaneously. Jet kicked over a chair. “I said can everybody fucking hear me okay.” Jet shouted. A few of the lady bartenders jumped as the crew all together said yes sir in unison. “Can someone tell me what’s special about The Pregame?” Jet questioned. “We close at midnight sir in accordance with the keg being tapped.” Dean cleared his throat. “Anybody besides Dean know why it’s crucial we don’t have a tapped keg?” Jet paced. “Probably so we can keep serving beer.” Kate giggled. Jet mocked her giggle. “It’s no secret what goes on in this bar ladies and gentlemen. Well its a secret within us and I’d like to keep it that way.” Jet spoke sternly. “Kate, I’d like you to be on keg duty next week.” He announced. Kate looked as if she had just seen a ghost. She whispered to Dean, “I’ve never…you know”. “Me neither..but..I can help you.” Dean shook. “No you know what…I think I’ll handle my own fucking keg tapping next week.” Jet shot back loudly. “Do you know how dangerous it is to have drunk assholes in here past midnight when we’re cleaning up downstairs? Jet questioned. “You know what, all of you go downstairs and help Rose with cleanup.” He demanded. “If I find out any of you didn’t help, I’ll have you in prison by next Thursday.” Jet spoke with confidence. He turned back over the chair he had kicked and walked out of the bar, around the back, and hopped into his car. Jet drove back home in silence once again. He was in the door for five minutes before his phone started buzzing. “What the fuck do you want now Rose?” Jet said. “Jet! She had a phone! In her pocket. I didn’t get rid of it.” Rose cried. Jet shook his head and started to panic. “Listen, shut the phone off right now and drive it to the address I’m going to text you.” He interjected. “Okay!” Rose cried. Jet hung up the phone and flung his hands up over his head. He paced around for a bit and punched a hole in his living room wall. 416 Turnip Rd. He sent the text to Rose and after seeing it was delivered, he erased their thread convo in his phone. Jet quickly dialed up Lucas. “I need you to get rid of the stash” He calmly stated. “I’ve got you.” Lucas quickly replied. Jet hung up the phone and sunk into a hole between his couches.

14 Hours Later

“And you’re sure she never came home last night, wasn’t staying at a friends?” Detective Med asked. “I’m positive Med, there’s no where else she could have been. I got onto find my iPhone on her iPad. Looks like after her patrol she headed over to the bars on the upper east side.” Mr. Brooks spoke with assurance. “There’s a lot of bars on that strip Mr. Brooks, what’s the address and where does it place her now?” Detective Med questioned. “As of now there is no location, but last night it was uhhh…706 Long Street.” They both plugged in the address simultaneously into their phones.

“The Pregame.” They both looked at each other.


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