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We as humans are basically walking contradictions.

I don’t really know what I want to write about tonight. I have actually been thinking all day what to create today. I said to myself, “Well nothing really exciting happened this week”. I played with the thought of maybe putting together a short story or skit for today’s blog. I played myself, because I could never throw something like that together in a time that I am going to write this post tonight. So there’s my project this week, I’ll work on a short “something” for next week’s post. While I’m making promises I wanted to point back to one I made in a previous post Spike the Eggnog and read my ish. Anyways I said I would fill you guys in on how my aunt’s Christmas party went. It was wholesome. I didn’t drink like I was the hand of the King. I drank and I know things, but I heavily observed. I observed every fine line on the faces of the elders of my family, the delicate eyes on the younger ones, and the change in demeanor of those who were once baby cousins now tricky teenagers. Being observant is something that I’m much better at now and I’m thankful. We should always be observing not just our surroundings, but people on a day to day basis. I know that people and myself included like to think that we are so steadfast in our decisions. We think that, “Oh I said on Friday I was going to ride in the blue car today.” And when Friday gets here and there is no blue car in sight we try to wait and wait until we see it instead of taking the red car. Does that make any sense or am I just picking my brain right now? What I’m saying is that in being observant we need to also accept that we as humans are basically walking contradictions and are always changing our minds. You with me now? Cool.

I was able to catch up with an old friend this week for dinner, and I’ll say it is very dope to be able to catch up with old friends as if no time has passed. I have very few friends where I can meet up with them and it feels like time has frozen and we can just pick it back up, so when I get the chance I’m all over it. Having my head down as much as I have these past few months it was cool to have some interaction on what another bright mind has going on.

Why did no-one tell me that apartment shopping is kinda like endless?


Yeah so it wasn’t that bad for me, but seriously I can’t relate to anyone who doesn’t spend at least $50 dollars every time they set foot in Target.

One exciting thing did happen this week that I am actually looking forward to. I finally pulled the plug on a record player so I could get into Vinyl collecting. I have been wanting to get in to this for a while with just how digital music is nowadays. Especially with streaming really taking over. I was thinking to myself the other day, “What if in 10 years I don’t even have access to my iTunes library”? An immense 20 GB library of music that I have been working on since I got my first iPod Nano circa 2006. CDs have been a thing of the past for me ever since updating the system in my car which removed a CD drive all in favor of lowering the chances for breakdown. Plus with bluetooth, USB, and aux who needs a CD drive in their car anymore these days. So, I finally went ahead and bit the bullet on getting a Jensen record player, nothing too fancy but I think it will be great to start off with. Any bets on what my first vinyl purchase was? Quote retweet this on twitter with your guess and if you’re the first to guess correctly I’ll Venmo you five bucks. All in all, I’m excited to see what crazy rare vinyls I can get my hands on this year. This is what sparked my interest in this hobby, being able to physically hold and see my music again. Remember these? case-logic-ripn-burn-cd-forvaring-for-224-st-cdYeah I’m trying to get this aesthetic back with my Vinyl shelf. Well, I’m gonna let you go now, but as always keep it locked every Saturday.

Yours Truly,



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