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You are already that person, you just need to put yourself in THAT position.

Whats your plan for 2017? Here’s a plan: Don’t talk about it, just do it.

It’s cool to post about what you have planned and/or what you got going on, but I’m here to tell you that you look like a bozo declaring to a bunch of people what’s for you all just to fall through on it.

As you read this, think about where you were at a year ago today. I was prepping for my last semester of college and probably pregaming for NYE festivities. If someone would have told my then self that a year later I’d be sitting in bed chilling on paid time off without a care in the world, I would not believe them. That in itself shows the beauty in time, anything can be totally different when given some time.

I decided to skip the NYE festivities for a few reasons this year. That’s not a knock to anyone who is, get lit for the both of us. I am under no condition turning into Reverend Joe, I just don’t see the fun in it anymore. Going out with people who don’t even give you the same energy you give them. That’s what I’m trying to get back in 2017: Energy. It’s all about restoration for my breakthrough next year. Let somebody else bring the jokes, keep up with the drink shot-clock, and run the aux cord. When you see they’re messing up in all those categories, please take over, but know that they aren’t holding up their bargain in the Energy category. And what I mean by giving you that same energy is just reciprocating the vibes you are giving. You can’t be the funny one, the dancer, and the drinker while they are giving you the tired one and the drink babysitter. As you get older, you realize that going out is all about reciprocity. At 24, I’m not trying to go out being the party when you’re giving me 3rd grade sock hop. NO THANKS.

One thing I learned this year is that it is okay to no longer relate to people. Relating to someone is how we all make friends. Sometimes in growth what you relate to changes, so it is okay to no longer relate to friends. You can still want to see them eat, you just don’t want to be at the same table, and that is totally okay.

I’m thankful for growth this year. I learned a lot about myself and have stood tall in situations where I used to sit. I’m also thankful for art this year, there has been so many creative productions and good music this year that pushed me to start writing more.

So, when you guys go out tonight someone take a shot for me, because I will be kicking it, eating steak, drinking wine, and watching Shameless. At 12 remember to thank God for another year, but remember that your seeds are planted and that you are already that person, you just need to put yourself in THAT position.

Now, I’ll admit I need another glass of wine…if y’all can pregame a new year I can pregame episode 3 – season 5 of shameless.

Here’s to 2017, I would tell ya’ll what I have planned for the blog, but just keep it locked every Saturday.

Yours Truly,



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