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Spike the Eggnog and read my ish.

Spent all day today looking at this stupid picture somebody posted on twitter. I’m way too literal so I spent about 30 seconds saying mary j blige christmas tree eve, until I looked at the replies to see it was Merry Christmas Eve LMAO. Y’all shouldn’t be doing much so go spike the eggnog and read my ish.

Can we just talk for a second about how chill today was? Between sleeping, watching Shameless, and the weather in Georgia making an appearance in the 70’s….it’s been so chill. I had to curve a request to go to the mall. Listen, imma need y’all last minute shoppers to get it together. Christmas Eve is a time for like last minute gift wrapping, not shopping. I have a friend, we’ll call her Teddy who thought I’d be caught dead in the madness today. Besides declining that invitation, I proceeded to do a little bit of last minute gift wrapping. So I’m putting bags under the tree and just happen to see a little rinky dink gift. I know it’s mine because my mom told me to order it on her card and she’d wrap it and have it under the tree. Let me show y’all what she did:

Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 6.30.52 PM.png

Top 5 ugliest gift wrap job ever. My apologies for putting the blog out a little late today. Truth be told I was thinking about skipping today, but consistency is key.

I made it home for the holidays yesterday, and I realized I’d be taking a break from abstaining from alcohol after my aunt damn near squared up with me because I said I wouldn’t be drinking at the family Christmas party. So stay tuned for that, I’ll fill you guys in on how that goes in next weeks blog. Got chick fil a today, so I just want to dedicate today’s blog to the selfless teenagers who were so nice and quick today. What’s your chick fil a order? I normally run with a spicy chicken sandwich meal with an arnold palmer 2 lemons. I think your chick fil a order tells a lot about you as a person.

Just wanted to drop a Christmas movie playlist tonight for the real ones.

1.Friday After Next
2. I’ll be home for Christmas
3. This Christmas
4. Christmas with the Kranks
5. Home Alone
6. Jack Frost
7. Almost Christmas
8. Elf
9. Home Alone 2
10. Best Man Holiday

And do me a favor and bump Khia’s Santa baby while y’all opening up them chrihmuh gifts in the morning.

Decided I’m going to change up the naming convention on my blog, so I’ll be pulling random excerpts as titles from here on out. But yo Christmas “break” out of school is actually pretty dope. Like all next week I’m getting paid to do whatever I want.


I should have pulled the power play and took two weeks though. Imma talk my shit on next weeks blog since it’ll be the last of this year. But just to drop a gem until then….today I realized how lit it is to drop folk without explanation. People will say, “Oh, you’re supposed to be an adult and talk stuff out,” but sometimes people aren’t owed a conversation. Drop those people who aren’t bringing anything to the table, who never clap when you win, and who are always silent when you need them to be loud. I promise you they were lame anyway.

But other than that, fuck em we ball.

Yours Truly,



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