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12/12/2016 12:22 PM

I’m not sure whats worse, the dreaded and very pointless “How was your weekend” convo that literally every co-worker feels the need to have with you, or the fact that today is not December 26th. The 26th is special to me now, because with Christmas falling on a Sunday, it’s the Monday that the company observes the holiday. But back to the “How was your weekend” convo, because I’m picking that as the worser of two evils right now. The question in itself is just nosy but yet it screams IDGAF. Why do you care what I did over the weekend?  Whether I laid low and caught up on Insecure all weekend, or got black out drunk and chain smoked, my response will always be the same: “Chill and you“?  And I laugh at myself, because after all that shit I just talked I have the audacity to ask “you”. Here is the part where I really regret the initiation of this convo, because the other party always goes onto spill every detail on how their Saturday and Sunday went. All while this is going on IDFWU by Big Sean is blaring in my head as I smile and nod back acting interested.


On this particular Monday the office is pretty dead. Lights are dim, looks like alot of people are “working from home”, and the e-mail chains are moving like a turtle. But with any slow day there’s always a catch. One of my co-workers, we’ll call him Steve, decides to come over to my desk to inquire on my work activity to pick at shit and look at my screen. It’s still early at this point, and since kicking my daily coffee I’ve become irritable until about 11 A.M. I yank out my earphones and glare up, “Do you sign my checks?” That was the only statement that was needed. Steve quickly found what some would say several seats and he took one. This is all apart of one of my new approaches I want to take in the workplace. Which is to be open, honest, abrupt, and excuse me..rude if need be. Sometimes, I think as minorities its easy for us to become “Yes Men” in our day to day duties at work, school, and in life. But with 2017 looming, I decided I’m going to say, do, and act appropriately, because this nodding and smiling is what keeps those “How was your weekend” convos coming. And it’s not just those pointless weekend convos that continue with the smiling and nodding, but it’s also the “You’re the whitest black person I know” and the “Everything but black lives matter jokes” that will continue if we are not out here having the right conversations with our counterparts. But hey…Listen, don’t get too crunk with your approach… Listen to my ass, but continue to get the coin.

But back to “How was your weekend“, I’m not saying that if we’re homies you can’t ask me how my weekend went, but shit ask me if I saw that $2 for 10 wing combo on Groupon or if I saw the Chick-Fil-A in the break room. And always feel free to show me kermit memes.


You feel me?  Lol, it’s gonna be a long time for ya’ll feel me man.

Yours Truly,


P.S. If you’re reading this it’s Saturday and I wanted to tell you to please don’t sweat the small things & start envisioning your victories. They’re almost here.


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