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12/10/2016 11:01 PM

I still find it funny how much i watch cops with all the things I’ve seen them get away with in the media. Some days I think that killing black people earns you a badge of honor as a police officer. I think the reason why I still tune in when all else fails is to make sure that the killings aren’t televised yet.

I just turnt “Neighbors” on.. that new heat thanks to J. Cole.

I know a lot of these first blogs are supposed to be like an introduction type of thing. But, I feel like whoever is going to read this is already going to know me. If not, you’ll catch on. I’m pretty simple. I’m a do unto you as you do unto me pull a you on you kind of person. If you go the extra mile for me I’ll do the same for you. If I never hear from you, you’ll never hear from me. This was something I tried to work on, but in the end I realized that people will always make time for what’s important. If it’s meant to be then it’ll be kind of shit.

So this month I started back on a steady workout & clean eating regime. I’ve been back and forth on that a lot this year. Sometimes I get discouraged, or I tell myself I’m not strong enough to be focused on bettering myself. On December 1st I said screw that. It’s like the whole sagittarius season just ushered in a lot of realization for me. I realized that, or better than that I’ve known that whatever I want can be achieved if I put my mind to it and the work and effort in. That’s worked for everything in my life why not my lifestyle?

My main goals for today were to get a haircut and pick up my dry cleaning. Post grad shit. After sleeping in super late..I mean till like alone is precious…I got up and hit the gym before venturing out to get a haircut. Downtown Mel was super packed as usual on the weekend, which I never what are you people doing if you’re not at the bars? Cause I…anyways, so my Florida barber is mad slow when it comes to cutting hair. The guy before me was striking up hella conversations basically distracting the man so that took a whole hour before it was my turn. It was worth it though, major key gentlemen: Hot Towel Shave. Will change your life I swear. A couple funny things happened while I was in the chair:

  • Love on the Brain was playing. My barber goes on to say how the girl sounded like a fake Lauryn Hill. He then asks me if its Beyonce, and I hurriedly said yes. I was dying inside because I never let Rihanna slander prosper but I was gagging at myself for letting Bey take the fall.
  • Also, my Florida barber is an aspiring Rapper so all the while music was playing he was talking about how he hated how the industry always had the same artists “Winning” and how it was time for the new artists. I laughed and said “Wowwww, That’s Crazy”, but in my head I’m like, Drake still winning though.

After a 40 minute hair cut, I had to speed back to my neck of woods to pick up my dry cleaning, which was closing in twenty minutes. Idk if it was my driving or the fact that like all the lights were green but I made it right on time. I was so happy to get my two pairs of khakis. I have been wearing jeans to work forever because I couldn’t get my khakis how I wanted them so let me have a moment because I was thankful.

My only goal left for the day was to finish up my gallon of water for the day which I completed shortly before typing this post. Weekends aren’t that exciting for me as before. I’m thinking that turning my birthday into a lifestyle for the whole month of November took a toll on me. Which I’m thankful for because at 24 I’m drained. Throughout college I was always this guy.. I was always Joe Collins, the go to party animal. You could always count on me to go drink for drink with you, to be the aux cord lord, and to always make something out of nothing. But I don’t think anyone ever wondered or asked how draining that can be. To know that if you’re not lit the whole function could be over was a task I never really asked for but always succeeded at. There’s never been someone else for me to look at to be the life of the party, or the one with all the jokes. And for the first time since ending my college career I’m ready to hangup the party guy cap. If you’ve read this far thanks for rocking with me. I’m still learning, but welcome to the black grad life. 

Yours Truly,



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